We work for the environment

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We work for the environment

Recycling in the Amazon

Serving Colombia, Brazil and Peru

The high commercialization of markets with the neighboring countries (BRAZIL AND PERU) has increasingly promoted the consumption of packaged products in different kinds of plastic and glass. We founded Amazonas Sin Limites organization to address local environmental problems. We created recycling activities and supported companies that work that solve the environmental pollution problem which affect, not only the population, but different tourist points of Leticia such as the civil port, the Amazon River, and central parks.

In the municipality of Leticia, we are addressing the need for job creation and the generation of economic income for the region We are producing recyclable plastic products less expensive than commercial products; additionally, we are promoting environmental conservation through rational use of natural resources of raw material used in the manufacture of bottles.

This project often faces resistance that change brings to an entire community. Education and persistence throughout the years are yielding results and changes.

Recycling Program in the city of Leticia

Amazonas Sin Limits Foundation is dedicated to the reuse of solid waste, especially the plastic which is used the most by the population and it has greater difficulty of elimination. For this reason, we have contributed to the creation of a recycling plant. The plant requires support of the competent technicians for its operation.

The Foundation, in its 7 years of social work, has managed to provide training for more than 4500 people in public and private institutions, and colleges and local citizens, who have gained a better understanding of our local environmental problems.

Activities in Leticia


Empowering citizens

A 2-person team provides training services for local citizens by giving formal lectures and demonstrations. These presentations motivate them to recycle materials rather than throwing the material away as garbage.

Collecting the material on the streets

The Collection Program works in a systematic way, which allows the collection of materials using a weekly and fixed schedule. This program has reduced local waste by 1.3%, which is an average of 8 to 10 tons of material per month that no longer enters the sanitary landfill of the city of Leticia.

From unemployment to organized and remunerated employment

Amazon River Garbage Materials

The Foundation currently has 5 established recyclable collection routes in the city of Leticia where operators (recyclers) select and collect solid waste. They take them to several centers located by the Amazon River and transfer them to the collection center where the final disposal is made.

Center of Recycling

environment recycling center garbage river amazon employment leticia

The Foundation manages to recover only 1.3% of the recyclable material in Leticia, which is on average between 7 and 8 tons per month that no longer end up at the sanitary landfill of the city.

The city of Leticia generates more than 600 tons of recyclable material per month. At the present time we have formulated great strategies and alliances with companies from the tourist sector of the region so the recyclable waste materials from tourist do not end up at the garbage dump, or are not burned or thrown into the Amazon River.

The Foundation has provided a better alternative: recyclable waste materials are collected and then given a productive final disposition.

The Foundation has obtained through out the years a vehicle collector, an ecological bicycle, tricycle collector, two compactors, two mills for plastic, industrial safety equipment for operators (recyclers), a transitional collection center and tools for daily use of recyclers.

The Amazon contains most of the planet’s tropical forest; it has to be maintained!

We work for the Environment Fundación Amazonas sin Límites

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