Jobs for Mothers and School for Children

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Organized work for mothers as head of household

Amazonas Sin Limites has managed to get the children of these families out of the garbage dump.

Garbage dumps in the Amazon generate jobs for many families. Sadly, many were forced to take their children to work at the garbage dumps. Many children spent their childhood in the dumpster playing and looking for food. The parents looked for what could be sold to have some pesos to live with.
At the recycling center, these ladies found a reliable place where they could sell plastic, glass and other recyclable materials in large quantities. Andrés realized that the recycling center could provide them with an opportunity for fixed income as well as an organized and more productive work. This material can only be collected by these mother’s head of household.
While the mothers work, children under the age of 5 go to a local Day Care Center. Families with children over 5 years of age receive support for their children to enter local public schools of the three countries in the surroundings, according to their nationality, Colombians, Peruvians or Brazilians. These 20 heads of family are 30% of the production of the Recycler. These families used to live with $ 15 a month, today they have a salary of $ 150.

Day Care Center for children


Amazonas Sin Limites has managed to transform the lives of these children.

The foundation has provided a Day Care Center for children under 5, named "0 to Always Program" due the impact on the lives of these children. Children receive the care and attention they need as well as participate in games that stimulate the development of their mind. The eldest, learn to read, write.

This program is offered with the collaboration of the Instituto de Bienestar Familiar, which ensures that they receive food, and health care. This program pays the salaries of a psychologist, a social worker, educators, and a nurse. It also pays for the children medical costs.

The Foundation created a program for these children where they can grow healthy and learn as an appropriate alternative to accompanying their mothers daily at the garbage dump.

Gifts donated by the Colombia Volunteer Ladies of Miami

These are contributions of the Ladies over the years.

The first contribution of the Colombian Volunteer Ladies made possible the construction of the pilot ecological house that was donated to the first family. This house was a model for future homes.

The also gave us financial support that allowed us to organize a Day Care Center for children 0 to 5 years of age for children that previously spent all day at the Garbage Dump with their mothers.

They also send gifts during the Christmas season as they appear in the photos. These gifts brightening the lives of all these families.

The Volunteer Ladies have also given support in the purchase of machinery for the Recycling Center, for the purchase of the truck that collects the material in the city of Leticia, and funds to begin the process of the ECA Project Classification and Utilization Station.

Thank you very much for letting us help these families. I work for the family.

Jobs for mothers and school for children

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Jobs for mothers school for children Leticia Amazonas

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