Our Commitment is to Disable Population

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The city of Leticia has a disabled population of approximately 1780 individuals. Services for this population are limited and do not exist in some occasions. This population needs mattresses, diapers, wheelchairs, crutches, medicine, and medical care with specialists.

In 2010, the Foundation made a commitment to the disabled population and has provided annual services to those who need them. To generate knowledge about this population’s problem and to promote support among the general community, the Foundation holds special events. During these events, disabled individuals are given access to what they need such as, family support, recreational activities, and medical services that help improve their quality of life. The general population has the opportunity to learn about their needs and how to assist them.

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Fotos de desabilitados en Leticia con sus familias

Sharing Diapers

The Foundation improved the quality of life of many disabled individuals by delivering diapers those who need them..

The first diapers were donated in 2012. Since then, more than a thousand bags of diapers have been distributed. The diapers are donated or purchased by the Foundation. The beneficiaries are 30 families of children with a disability and 48 elderly people living in the local nursing home. The diapers are donated monthly and are delivered personally by Andres Lozado.

In order to provide this service, the Foundation has received the assistance of renowned entrepreneurs in the region of Amazonas such as Jeremías Aguiar Orosco, Luis Alfredo Rodríguez and Sandra Viviana Osa, among others.

Wheel Chair Delivery

ngo foundation amazonas distribution aid eco-houses Disable Population honeycombs

The Foundation has received donations of wheelchairs and electric chairs and distributed them among the population in Leticia.

These wheel chairs allow them to mobilize, leave their homes, participate in activities that improve the quality of their lives and enjoy life. It also allows them to go to work and go to school.

The first chair was donated on December 24, 2011. Over the years, chairs have been donated by Father Jaime Garcia, businessmen, individuals, and the Colombian Volunteers. Chairs are given with every time there is one available.

Quite dealt y pon given

Eco house for disabled

ngo foundation amazonas distribution aid eco-houses Disable Population honeycombs

The housing project benefits families with disabled members, while preventing shifting sand from the edges of the Amazon River for the cement mix in construction.

The Foundation has built and delivered 7 homes for the disabled, by replacing the some of the sand used in the construction cement mix with ground up recycled glass. Since it is necessary to use sand to make cement, the only sand available in the region is removed from some parts of the river which causes erosion in the river and has other ecological consequences. The first house was built in 2012. The money for the pilot project was donated by the Colombian Volunteers of Miami. Three houses were built in Leticia and four across the river, which were built by the Foundation with the help of volunteers. Those who were selected to receive a new home, demonstrated that they suffer extreme poverty and are motivated to get ahead.

The need for more homes is great, but the cost of each house is very high. In some occasions it is also necessary to buy the land to build the house. The cost of a house is $10,000. In the future, more houses will be built, once additional funds are available.


Tons of contributions from Father Jaime Garcia of Juan Bosco have been received.

Tons of contributions from Father Jaime Garcia from Juan Bosco Obrero Vocational Center have been received. He has also provided unconditional support to Andrés Losada. Some time ago, Andres was a student at his Vocational Center Juan Bosco Obrero in the City of Bogotá. Father Jaime Garcia made the initial contribution of 3 tons of items for the disabled: wheelchairs, clothing toys and mattresses. He continues to donate and give unconditional support to the Foundation.

Local Contributions


Many very good individuals and companies with big hearts

Jeremías Aguilar Orozco has given unconditional support by giving funds, facilitating the mobilization, and participating in all the processes of the foundation since its foundation. He is an entrepreneur with high social awareness, who supports the noble causes of the community where he lives.

Local Volunteer Citizens: Hundreds of local volunteers have helped in different capacities from the delivery of information or donations to participating in the educational project of the community. They are students, businessmen, teachers, tourists, neighbors, and people with disabilities.

Among these, we find a group of Volunteers belonging to the Colombian Armed Forces, which often help make donations possible.

Many thanks to the entities, foundations, and people for their Donations and Aid

Our Commitment is to Disable Population

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